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Old Town Auctions is a world leader in the toy auction industry. We have conducted record-setting toy sales over the last 10 years, featuring all genres of antique and collectible toys from all time periods. Old Town Auctions hosts several auctions each year that feature a large selection of antique and collectible toys.  See our upcoming auction for toy sales to be held in the near future! 




We strive to bring toy collectors the best and most varied items from estates, collections, attics, and anywhere they may be found. Every child has a favorite toy, and each one of us has fond memories of the toys, dolls, and playthings we once cherished (and oftentimes loved to death).  All toys, from the very early and rare to the more modern pop-culture based toys are avidly sought after by their particular collectors.  Being toy collectors ourselves, we understand that toy collectors are very passionate about their acquisitions, and there's no better way for toy collectors to pursue their hobby than the auction process.


 We have in the past, and will continue to offer toys of every kind.  Old Town Auctions feature early American toys and early American tin toys from makers such as:  George Brown, Fallows, Ives, Althof Bergmann, Schoenhut, Bliss, Crandall, Mason & Parker, Carpenter, Francis, Field and Francis, Gibbs, Pratt and Letchworth, Hafner, Stevens and Brown, and many more. 

We sell cast iron toys by makers such as: J. E Stevens, Shepard Hardware, Hubley, Ives, Kenton, Champion, Freidag, Arcade, Dent, A. C. Williams, Wilkens, Vindex, and many others. 

Our auctions feature paper litho toys by: McLoughlin Bros., Reed, Crandall, Gibbs, Gong Bell, N. N Hill, and more.

 Tin toys, including litho wind-up toys by J. Chein, Ohio Art, Marx, Henry Katz, Girard, Hoge, Lindstrom, Converse, Wolverine, Animate Toy, Buffalo Toy, Nifty, Oh Boy, Rich Toy, Strauss, Wyandotte, Portland, Unique Art, A. C. Gilbert, and others, have been featured in our auctions.  

Old Town Auctions sells pressed steel toys from: Buddy L (Moline Pressed Steel), Steelcraft, Murray, Orkin, Turner, Keystone, Doepke, Scheible, Structo, Ny-Lint, Burdette-Murray, Chein Hercules, Wyandotte (All Metal Products), Cor-Cor, Dayton, Son-ny, Smith-Miller, Kelmet, Kingsbury, Metalcraft, Tonka and many others.

 German tin and European manufactured toys from:  Marklin, Bing, Gunthermann, Lehmann, Arnold, Tipp, Schuco, Martin, Carrette, Ebo, Distler, Meccano, Ingap, JEP, Rico, Paya, Planck, Victor Bonnet, Citroen, Rossignol, G & K, Greppert & Kelch, M. & K., Muller & Kadeder, Orobr, Decamps, Technofix, Einfeldt, Stock, Eberl, Wells-Brimtoy, Chadd Valley, C. I. J.; Fischer; including steam toys by Karl Bub, Hess, Moses  Kohnstam, Fleischmann, and many more. 

Japanese wind-up toys, battery ops, robots, space toys, and celluloid toys from makers such as:  Asahi, C. K., K., Mikuni, Masudaya, Sanyo, San, S. H., Showa, S. S. S., Yone, T.P.S., Linemar, Bandai, Tomy, Alps, Haji, Daiya, Kanto, K. Y., Kosuge, Modern Toys, T. N., Nomura, Y., Yonezowa, and other too numerous to mention. 

Old Town Auctions feature die cast toys, including:  Lesney Matchbox, Hot Wheels, Dinky, Tootsietoy, Midgetoy, Moko, Hubley, Jane Francis, Slik-Toy, Lledo, Schuco, Ranlite, Manoil, Corgi, Solido, Britains, and many others.

Toy soldiers and miniatures by manufacturers such as Britains, Manoil, Barclay, Elastolin, Dime Store, Heyde, Timpo, and others. 

Character Toys are always a hit at Old Town Auctions, including favorites such as Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and other Disney characters, comic characters including Popeye, Felix the cat, Krazy Kat, Barney Google, Batman, Betty Boop, Happy Hooligan, Blondie & Dagwood, Maggie & Jiggs, Foxy Grandpa, Palmer Cox Brownies, Buck Rogers, Flash Gordon, the Flintstones, Andy Gump, Henry, Howdy Doody, Rosie O'Neill Kewpies, Lil' Abner, Amos & Andy, Little Lulu, Little Nemo, Moon Mullins, Peanuts, Skippy, Harold Lloyd, Superman, Toonerville Trolley, Buster Brown, Yellow Kid, Mutt & Jeff, Little Orphan Annie, Boob McNut, Katzenjammer Kids, Dick Tracy, Charlie Chaplin, and many others. 

Western toys, including cap guns and holsters, featuring western stars such as: Hopalong Cassidy, Gene Autry, Roy Rogers and Dale Evans, the Lone Ranger, Cisco Kid, and others. 

We specialize in transportation and aviation-related toys, including cars, race cars, trucks, buses, boats, trains, airplanes, zeppelins, motorcycles; all in a variety of mediums, including pressed steel, wind-ups, plastic and celluloid, painted and litho tin, die cast, and others. 

We have had tremendous success selling gas-powered tether racers or "spin dizzies" by manufacturers such as: Dooling, Cox, Synchro, Matthews, and Thimbledrome,   

At Old Town we also understand that there is a place in the toy auction world for more modern toys. We are striving to become a leader in selling 1960's toys such as slot cars, model kits; by makers such as Remco, Ideal, Aurora, AMT, Kenner, Mego, Revell,  Strombecker, Pyro, Mattel, Hasbro, and many others.  Also, we have become one of the first major auction companies to offer later toys such as action figures, playsets, science fiction, space action and adventure, and related toys; many from pop-culture, television and movies such as: Star Wars, Star Trek, He-Man Masters of the Universe, G. I. Joe, Transformers, Space 1999, Major Matt Mason, Captain Action, Battlestar Gallactica, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Shogun Warriors, Ultra Man, Power Rangers, Rat Fink, Voltron, Aliens, Super Friends, and much more!



We are always seeking consignments for upcoming antique and specialty sales as well as Estate sales, from one item to complete collections. At Old Town we don't "cherry pick" your items, taking just the top few things and leaving you with the rest. Our auction system accommodates all levels of antiques and collectables. Although we are exceptionally well-known for our success selling antique and collectible toys, our specialty auctions also include Antique Advertising, Coca-Cola Collectibles, Coin-Ops, Country Store and Americana including Folk Art, Civil War, Historical items, and much more!

Besides offering some of the most competitive consignor rates, we offer the most aggressive advertising campaign available.  Some of the publications we advertise with include: Antique Week, Antique and the Arts Weekly (The Bee), Antique Toy World, Antique and Auction News, Antique Trader, local and national newspapers and internationally in Carrusel Magazine, Antiques Trade Gazette and others including club and specialty publications to target specific audiences. Our catalogs, both online and printed, are some of best and most informative in the industry.

 As well as the best "no add ons" rates in the industry, we offer a prompt 30-day payout to consignors, in most cases it is two to three weeks. Our staff and on-call experts have knowledge in all areas of antiques, collecting and the auction process. With over 40 years in the antique business, Matt can answer questions and offer appraisals on almost any item! 

French Board Game sold $3100.00

Beer sign sold $2645.00

Pontioscopio Viewer sold $5175.00

Prop Model Airplane sold $7475.00

Lightup Coke Clock sold $1775.00

Chein Rocket Ride toy sold 1725.00


Below are some recently sold items Click on photos for larger image

Tipp Airplane sold $1035.00

McGee racer sold $1840.00

Large Airplane sold $1150.00

Model Tugboat sold $1495.00

Airplane Display Model sold $1495.00

Set of Stereo Slides of Antarctica sold $4600.00

Akeley Movie Camera sold $4312.50

Schuco Airplane sold $1610.00

Coke Santa sold $460.00

Matthews Racer sold $1725.00

Dooling Racer sold $1550.00

Airplane Model sold $1150.00

Pea Flour from Shackleton's hut sold $4025.00

Matches form Shackleton's Hut sold $34500.00

Carved Wood Buffalo sold $5980.00

Cigar Store Indian sold $24200.00

Fan Pull sold $1380.00

Aviation Toy sold $3737.50

Marx Playset sold $1430.00

Toy Boat Motor sold $460.00

Mills Slot Machine sold $13800.00

Masters of the Universe figures sold $373.00

Toy Ferris Wheel sold $805.00

Coca-Cola Clock sold $460.00

Toy Wagon sold $1550.00

Frankenstein Plastic Model sold $550.00

Shogun Warior sold 650.00

Restored Buddy L Truck sold $1135.00

Cast Iron Truck sold $4025.00

Cast Iron Case Eagle sold $6900.00



 Our next sale will be held in Hagerstown, Maryland at the Grand Venice Hotel on the weekend of November 18th, 19th & 20th. ANTIQUE ADVERTISING; ANTIQUE TOYS; OVER 100 CAP GUNS; VERY LARGE COLLECTION of EARLY DIE CAST TOYS; MONSTERS, SPACE & SCI-FI, ERECTOR SETS; SPY TOYS; EXONUMIA; COUNTRY STORE; AMERICANA; ART & so much more!

Multi-Estate Auction

All items sold at No Reserve   






Friday November 18th: Cataloged Lots 1-299; Antique Toys, Early Die Cast, Lincoln Log Sets, Native American Items, Black Americana Collectibles; Pressed Steel; Occupied Japan Toys; Toy Soldiers; Toy Reference Books; Collection of Breyer Horses; Mobos and Ride-on toys; Character Toys; Toys of all kinds; and much more.  These cataloged lots are to be preceded by approximately 100 lots of uncataloged toys.  Additional uncataloged lots will be sold after the completion of the listed items.

Click here for online catalog and online absentee bibbing starting with lot 1 (Friday)

Saturday November 19th: Cataloged lots 300 to 1000; Promo Cars; Matchbox and Die Cast; Slot Cars and Sets; Cap Guns; Pressed Steel; Folk Art; Pedal Cars and Ride-ons; Important Collection of Erector Sets and Erector Displays; Miniature Working Engines; Jukebox, Speakers and Coin-ops; Automobilia; Medallic Art & Exonumia, BB guns; Western Toys; Play Sets; Tin Toys and Automotive/ Transportation Toys; Unusual Large Scale Monorail; Boat and Ship Toys; Corgis; much much more. These cataloged lots are to be preceded by approximately 100 lots of uncataloged, related items.  Additional uncataloged lots will be sold after the completion of the listed items.

Click here for online catalog and online absentee bidding starting with lot 300 (Saturday)

Click here for a few examples of Friday & Saturday's uncataloged items

Sunday, November 20th: Cataloged lots 1001 through the end of the sale: the Bill George Collection of Monster Movie and Science Fiction Art and Sculpture; Spy Toys; Lucille Ball and I Love Lucy Collectibles and Ephemera; Vintage String Holders; Store Displays; Monster Model Kits; Vintage Apple Computers; Nice Selection of Robots and Space Toys; Steve Heller's Robot related Techno Art; T.V. Guides; Bobble Heads; Monster Toys; Tim Burton Movie Collectibles such as The Nightmare Before Christmas, Corpse Bride and other movies; Super Hero and Comic Related Sculptures and Collectibles; Scream Queen and B-Movie Starlet Collectibles, Autographs and Ephemera. Uncataloged lots of a similar makeup will be sold prior to the listed items and after the completion of listed items.

Click here for online catalog and online absentee bidding starting with lot 1001 (Sunday)

Click here for a few examples of Sunday's uncataloged items

Antique toys, including German tin by Lehmann and others, American tin,  Occupied Japan and Japanese tin; wind-ups; battery-ops; comic character toys; Black Americana toys; mechanical toys, carnival, circus toys; cast iron toys; celluloid toys . Many toys are in original boxes.

Large collection of (over 150) cap guns, toy guns & BB guns,  including Hopalong Cassidy, Roy Rogers, Gene Autry, Johnny Ringo,  and others, by Nichols, Kilgore, Hubley, Daisy and many others, many in original boxes. Scarce Daisy Double Barrel Shotgun BB Gun and over 100 more. Many other Daisy Toys.

An even larger collection of early die cast toys, including Grey Wheel Matchbox, Corgi, Dinky,  and others, nearly all in original boxes, including rare Corgi Chipperfield Circus, as well as many celebrity, character personality and movie themed vehicles.

A very large selection of pressed steel toys (more than 80 toys) from makers such as:   Buddy L, American National, Steelcraft, Keystone, Dayton, Kelmet, Orkin, Structo, Turner and others.  Pedal Cars, Boats, Airplanes and a Buddy L Yard Train round out this impressive group of large toys.

A very nice collection of over 150 Promo Cars featuring Chevrolet, Buick, Ford, Pontiac, Studebaker, Dodge, Chrysler, Oldsmobile, and others. There is also a 1920s Fageol twin coach cast aluminum promotional bus with interior details.  Also included will be a grouping of Automobilia.

Miniature running engines including a Harley Davidson Knucklehead, Chevrolet Small Block, Hit and Miss engines and others.

Large scale model and display ships, boats and airplanes. Some are gas powered, clockwork or museum quality displays.

A very large scale working model of an Overhead Monorail with approximately 100 feet of track from the Montreal Worlds Fair.

Ride on toys including a late 19th century Pope tandem Bicycle, pedal cars, and a scarce New London pedal Caterpillar Bulldozer .

Space Toys, 1960’s Toys, many Slot Car Sets including scarce AMT Model Turnpike cars and sets, Spy Toys including:   James Bond 007 related toys, vehicles and spy paraphernalia, International Secret Agent, Secret Sam, and other spy “tricks of the trade” , weapons and more.

Large selection of vintage play sets, including the Flintstones, Tom Corbett Space Academy, Roy Rogers Rodeo Ranch, Marx Blue and Gray Civil War Playsets and many others.

A large collection of (over 100) erector sets from the early 1900’s through the 1970’s, including #12 1/2 Mystery Walking Robots, Zeppelin set, Truck sets, Amusement park set and many many other complete and important Erector Sets.  Also includes a nice selection of other building sets and Erector displays.

This sale will feature a wonderful collection of “I Love Lucy” and Lucille Ball items including movie posters, products, advertising, memorabilia and ephemera, magazines including the rare first TV GUIDE with a Lucy and Desi Jr as a newborn on the cover and a very interesting pair of Lucy and Desi figures made for a display in the 50s.

One of a Kind, Original Art and Limited Edition Comic, Sci Fi and Horror - themed Paintings, Statuary, Movie Posters, and Figures from the Bill George Collection.  Many Limited Studio-Only  movie merchandising promotional pieces, as well as monster toys and movie-related action figures, models and much more!  Television, Animation, Pop Culture Character, Movie and Monster related action figures, toys, collectibles and memorabilia, most Mint In Box.  Also a collection of Vintage Aurora Monster Models un-built in their original graphic boxes, as well as Original Art model sculptures of Frankenstein and other Monsters by model-maker and artist, Daniel Horne.

Funky “Techno” Art including Steve Heller’s Amazing Space-Age Artwork. Folk Art including KOLLEGE KIDS paint-decorated musical instruments and cases.

Exonumia and Medallic Art; many with industrial and transportation themes; Coin-Ops including a Wurlitzer 1015 jukebox. A nice selection of vintage Apple Macintosh Computers including APPLE Macintosh M0001 and APPLE II sets, Heathkit Hero Robot Kit.  A nice selection of Breyer horses, many with original boxes; bobble heads; and more.

Check back soon for additional information and photos!

Multi-Estate Auction

All items sold at No Reserve   

Old Town Auctions is currently seeking consignments for this and other sales to add to our already eclectic mix of antique advertising, country store, automotive collectibles, antiques and Americana, photographica, militaria, and of course, the antique and collectible toys and Coca Cola advertising that we are so well known for. 

Please contact Matt for more info! 

Still accepting quality consignments for this and other sales

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